At Remarkable Clean, we dedicate ourselves in demonstrating effective cleaning while using green methods and natural, local products. We are the most environmentally conscious cleaning company in BC.

We use only the best and environmentally friendly products and equipment. Our vacuums are triple hepa-filtered so that you can breathe clean air! Our vacuum attachments are cleaned at the end of each house cleaning so that we are not transferring someone else’s dirt into your home.

Remarkable Clean’s standard mopping in our house or vacation home or office cleaning is done with our steam floor mop in all rooms. In some rooms, we may use the traditional mop so that we can disinfect a little more as required.

Standard cleaning with chemicals MAY seem easier, but Remarkable Clean will show you how we achieve a better and friendlier clean with all natural, organic ingredients sourced locally here in Squamish and Canada. We consistently deliver spotless homes for homeowners, realtors and property management companies!

Do you have high ceilings, high ledges or ceiling fans that are just begging for a good clean? Remarkable Clean carries special equipment that allow us to clean high points that are out of reach while ensuring the safety of your property and our staff.

Our deep cleans are designed to really tackle any stuck-on grime. Using our commercial grade steam cleaner, we have the ability to remove grease and grime with efficiency and provide you with excellent results! This is perfect for cleaning any house or vacation home!

We also provide upholstery and carpet cleaning. Upholstery cleaning is the solution in refreshing any sofas, cushions, pillows, disinfecting mattresses, and patio furniture. We recommend upholstery and carpet cleaning a few times a year for a even more thorough clean.

We maintain constant and reliable communication. We work with you to ensure that your home or work place is clean to above and beyond your expectations so that you can benefit from more time. We work tirelessly and survey our clients thoroughly to ensure that we are serving you to the best of our abilities. Remarkable Clean is a well-rounded cleaning service that ensures that not only your house or office is clean but also you are happy with our service.

We offer the following residential cleaning services:

Light Clean

Think of this as a top up clean from your own week to week cleaning. This is designed for a light clean, perfect for those that are already maintained but need a quick help. This is only available to clients who have had a regular clean done prior and subject to our discretion.

You can choose 2 services from the following items:
Kitchen cabinetry exterior wipe down
Kitchen fixtures (sink, microwave & countertop)
Bathrooms (surface clean)
Floors & baseboards

Regular Clean
Think of this as a general maintenance clean from week to week. We clean the bathrooms, wipe down the kitchen excluding inside of any appliances, dining room, all bedrooms not forgetting any windows (interior only, exterior where permissible) or mirrors, wipe down walls, baseboards, light switches. We dust all open surfaces.

Deep Clean
This is a heavy duty clean where as we follow our regular clean format with a mission to take away all stuck-on grime and grease. We go elbow deep into cabinets, cupboards and closets to take away any stale dirt! This may also involve some re-organizing of the storage areas as requested. We clean the baseboards taking away the dust build-ups along the top edge and any markings along the surface. In the kitchen, we will clean out the inside of your microwave and ovens.

Move In / Out Clean
This is similar to a deep clean except we tackle all the appliances, including refrigerator and freezer. We make sure every inch and corner of your home is clean before the hand-over or before you move in!

Vacation Property Clean
Do you own a nightly rental unit on the North Shore or on the Sea to Sky Corridor? Remarkable Clean is a reliable company with uniformed staff and administrative support to ensure your guests are checking in to a clean and comfortable space. We want your guests to get the maximum enjoyment from their vacation rental and you, the owner, to feel confident your rental unit is being very well taken care of. We provide detailed report of conditions of your property upon arrival of each clean, laundry service, restocking amenities for your guests, and very detailed cleaning and scheduling.

Additional Residential Services:

Carpet Cleaning
We provide a quick-dry carpet cleaning service. We only use eco-friendly shampoo in our industrial strength machine. Our hot water extraction method uses hot water and high powered suction. Our detailed method ensures that no soap is left behind so that your carpet does not become a magnet for more dirt!

Steam Cleaning
We provide the steam alternative to our clients. Our commercial grade steam cleaner is available as an add-on feature to any of our regular cleans. We can use the steam cleaner for your appliances, showers, stove tops, upholstery and floors. These are especially great for homes with young kids and/or pets! The extreme high temperature of steam kills any bacteria that may linger without any smells or additional ingredients- just steam!