Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Remarkable Clean unique?

Remarkable Clean is a customer service focused cleaning service and we take that seriously. Delivering a high level of quality and customer service, all while protecting you, your family and our environment, is dear to our hearts.

We share our values and culture with you through the happy and detail oriented team members that will be servicing your home. We believe in working with local suppliers, providers and hiring local staff. We love our community and do our part to give back to local organizations we believe in.

  1. Are our staff reliable and trustworthy?

Each of Remarkable Clean’s team members is individually criminally checked on an on-going basis. We understand the importance and sensitivity that we are in your personal space and show our respect and due diligence to ensure our reliability and your trust.

We are fully insured, bonded and registered Worksafe company.

  1. What supplies and products do we use in our cleans?

Remarkable Clean uses Norwex cloths to ensure the least amount of cleaning solutions. Our cleaner used in toilet cleaning is one that is made locally and with all organic natural ingredients. All of our cleaners required for stuck on grimes and grease are all effective all natural cleaning solutions with no harmful side effects. Your hard surfaced floors are sterilized with a vinegar and essential oil solution.

  1. Do I need to supply any equipment and/or supplies?

Remarkable Clean uses all triple-hepa filter vacuum cleaners that are cleaned at the end of each clean. We use a combination of steam and traditional mops. We bring all of the required supplies and equipment. If you have any preferred supplies or equipment that you would like us to use instead, please consult with us prior to the clean.

  1. How many cleaner will be cleaning my home?

The number of cleaners on a team is determined by the volume of the day. The number of cleaner is not optional and does not affect the total number of cleaning hours billed to you. The number of cleaners makes your clean go more efficiently and quickly.

During our initial walk-through, one of the main factors we note is suitable capacity of the team needed for your clean.

  1. Will I always have the same cleaners?

We can accommodate specific preferences of having same cleaner. Please do notify our office if this applies. Due to volume and staffing needs, we can only guarantee that your team of cleaners will be led by 2 consistent leaders who will ensure the rest of team carries out the clean with consistency each time. We will train 2-3 leaders to a home in the case that one is away or sick for your booking.

  1. How do the cleaners access my home?

All arrangements and entry related information must be provided to our office when booking a clean. We are happy to work with your preferences, but the most ideal method is to leave us with a key or a designate method of entry without having to wait for someone to be home. We have a secure key system at our office when your key is kept safe and unidentified.

  1. How advance do I need to notify of any cancellation/ changes to my booking?

We ask that you provide us with a 48 hours notification with any changes to scheduling or cancellations. We send out 2 automatic email reminders at 48hours and 24 hours so that you are kindly reminded. Any cancellations not abiding by this policy will be subject to 40% of the total hours of the original scheduled clean.

  1. What if I have pets and I am not home?

Our team members love animals and are happy to let the furry animals out for some fresh air at your preference. Please do understand that if your furry friend is roaming around after our clean, our sparkling standards may seem a little less upon your return home a few hours later!

  1. Do we clean on Statutory holidays and other important family holidays?

We value our families so we do make the best efforts to let our families enjoy their valuable time together. We are happy to service your needs with a minimum of 3 weeks advanced booking at a rate of 2.5 times our normal rates based on availability.

If your booking falls on a Statutory holiday, you will be notified in advance with an alternate option for that day.

  1. Do we tip the cleaners?

Tips is not mandatory, but similar to all services, it is appreciated by our staff. The customary recommendation is between 10%-20% of the base service rate.

  1. What if I found something was not cleaned to a reasonable standard?

Remarkable Clean guarantees that each clean is done to our standards. As cleaning is very much subjective, our standards are among the highest in the industry. Should you feel that something was lacking, PLEASE do contact our office right away along with any photos—this ensures that we are on the same level of expectation so that we can send our team back the same day, if not then the next morning.