Aside from our homes, our workplace is the second place that we spend the most of our time! It is important that the cleanliness in your workplace is just as clean as your home. A clean environment will reduce the amount of allergies and germs that can be spread around! There will be no more sneezing or sticky surfaces!!


Remarkable Clean provides corporate cleaning services to those businesses that do not require food-grade sanitation services. We provide cleaning for offices, gyms, clinics and stores. We know it’s tough to do your own office cleaning when you’re running a business or busy working the daily operations—which is why we are your reliable source for office cleaning.


During your office clean, we take care of everything for you from office cleaning, stocking your soap and other toiletry supplies to taking care of plant life. Our green effective office cleaning practices and local products will freshen up your office and staff!


Whether you’re a wellness practitioner or a lawyer or an accountant or travel agency, we are here for you. Remarkable Clean’s office cleaning will help you and your staff stay happy and healthy!


We offer fixed price for office cleaning so you can maintain a consistent budget. Call to find out more details on how we can be of service to you.