Like you, we want to spend more time with our families, friends and pets so we can create more special memories with them.  Cleaning our homes can be the least of our worries, but it is an integral part of our lives: coming back to a clean home, or working in a clean office is essential to enjoying it or being more productive.

We decided that we wanted to contribute to our local community by providing a service that would allow our clients to live better lives, feel happier, be more productive and build many more precious moments with their loved ones.

Our love for the planet and this beautiful part of the world we call home has been our driving force behind choosing all our cleaning products and materials.  From locally manufactured non-toxic vegetable-based cleaning supplies to eco-friendly materials and techniques, we’ll make your home or office sparkle, without endangering you or your loved ones.



Cleaning your home or office is supposed to be about maintaining a healthy environment, but did you know that some cleaning products contain chemicals that can can cause air pollution to be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels? Not to mention all the toxic chemical residues left on surfaces after being wiped off…

At Remarkable Clean™ our mission is to provide you with a remarkable cleaning service without putting you at risk, thus allowing you to live a healthier happier life.




Let our Eco-Hygiene Technicians™ do wonders...


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