Winter Home Cleaning Tips Recommended Vancouver Cleaning Services

Snow-tracking shoes, mud-splattered furniture, road salts on carpets, ashes from the fireplace—these are just some of the special cleaning challenges that the winter season presents to a Vancouver homeowner. With the gloomy weather, having a constantly clean home can be great for your mood, and cleaning the home during winter offers a welcome change of pace for most people. Vancouver house cleaning services presents a few winter home cleaning ideas to get you started.

Establish daily cleaning habits

A great way to keep clutter at bay is to make cleaning a daily habit. For example, make your bed every time you wake, or wipe kitchen spills as they happen, or put the dishes away after each meal. These little good habits will help you clean your house easier on the next major clean.

Break up cleaning tasks into different days of the week

Another way to maintain a clean house is to assign each day of the week a different set of cleaning tasks. For instance, you can leave Monday for the bathroom, Tuesday for the kitchen, Wednesday for the bedroom, and so on. This ensures that every space in your home is cleaned once a week.

Have at least one major cleaning day each month

On one of your days off each month, make time to do the deep-cleaning tasks that are hard to do any other day, like defrost and clean the fridge, mop the floors, spot-clean the walls, etc. One day for major cleaning is important because it gives you a fresh starting point for cleaning on a regular basis.

Purchase the right home cleaning products

Every cleaning job can be made easier when you’re using the right tools. If your broom, towel, cleaning solutions, and even your vacuum cleaner isn’t providing the efficient clean that they should, it’s time to replace them and look for a better alternative.

Too busy for major home cleaning? Don’t worry, Vancouver cleaning services such as Remarkable Clean has got you covered. These well-rounded cleaning services can make your residence immaculately clean while causing very little disturbance to your daily home routines. Partnered with good cleaning habits, these services can keep your home the neat, clean and organized living space you need it to be throughout winter.


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