What makes Remarkable Clean Special?

Remarkable Clean is a values-based business and we take that seriously. Delivering a high level of quality and customer service, all while protecting you and environment, is dear to our hearts. We hire staff who share our values as we want to pass along our passion to you and we know you will experience and feel it through the people we send to your home.
We also love our community and do our part to give back to local organizations we believe in.

How many people will clean my home?

Our staff generally work in teams of 2 and sometimes 3. This way we can cover more areas of your home and spend less time overall; this is especially handy if you work from home. Keep in mind 2 staff working for 2 hours = 4 hours of total cleaning.

Will I always have the same cleaners?

We do our very best to always send the same team to your house so you can get to know them and they can get to know you. Sometimes it isn’t always possible due to illness or holidays, but not to worry, all of our staff love to clean and have received the same level of training so rest assured we’ll provide a consistent clean.

Are you covered by Insurance?

Yes, we most definitely are! Remarkable Clean carries liability insurance and most importantly our staff are protected from workplace injuries with WorkSafeBC.

Is there a minimum service charge?

Yes. We have a 3hr minimum for one time, first time, and every 4th week (“monthly”) services; and a 2.5hr minimum for set scheduled weekly or every other week services; if you are located outside of Squamish or Whistler, the minimum may be higher. Please note: if booking below the time we recommend (capping the service time), we cannot ensure that all services will be completed up to our standard. We do not recommend capping the service. And, please keep in mind, we do bill in 15 minute increments, rounded up.

How do the cleaners access my home?

Many of our clients are not home and are at work during the time that we provide service. We keep our customer’s keys under lock and code at our office and return them at the end of each day. Please note: information regarding how to enter must be confirmed through our office at least 24hrs before your scheduled service (excluding weekends and holidays.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that schedules may change and that flexibility is required.  However, in order to keep things running smoothly and to ensure all of our clients are serviced appropriately, we require a 48 hour notice for cancellations. Please call our office to reschedule and read our cancellation policy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Visa, Mastercard, cash, cheque or email transfer and we will provide you with a receipt. In keeping with our “green” philosophy we prefer to email receipts to avoid any unnecessary use of paper. Payment is due at the time of service and we do require a credit card on file prior to your cleaning.

What if I have pets?

We love pets at Remarkable Clean. Ideally, you would introduce your pet to the Remarkable Clean team prior or during the initial visit. It is also a good idea to show us where the treats are so when we return, we can offer them a treat before starting the clean. If your pet has any funny behaviours, please let us know.

What if my next clean falls on a Holiday?

If your next scheduled clean falls on a holiday we will contact you to change your scheduled clean to another day that is convenient for you.

Can I tip my cleaners?

Tipping is not necessary, but our staff work hard and it’s a nice gesture to say thank you for a job well done and to show your appreciation.


We require 48 hours, or two business days, prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel. A $75 cancellation fee will be applied if notice is not received before this deadline. If we arrive at the cleaning and there is no key arranged for us or we cannot gain access to the home for whatever reason, we will charge the full amount of the scheduled clean as we still need to pay our staff.  And if we are delayed in entering your home, the time counts towards cleaning time. Our employees rely upon the work we provide to them and we must always respect their time.
Upon-arrival cancellations and cancellations of within 24hrs will be billed a $100 cancellation fee or full amount of the service if service was under $100. We understand that natural disasters do sometimes occur and we can honour emergency situations with documentation.

Normally I’m home but next time I won’t be

If you are typically home but won’t be on the next scheduled clean, please let our office know 24 hour prior to your service with information on how to enter your home. In order for us to run a smooth service and to update our staff with the necessary information we need at least 24 hours’ notice (excluding weekends and holidays) to make a change to your service. If you’d like to avoid any unnecessary lock outs please provide us with a key to your home or the door lock combination. We keep all keys locked up in our office and tagged on a number system so there is no way they can ever be identified.


Due to the nature of our business we are unable to offer time specific appointments. If you wish to wait for your cleaning crew to arrive we do our best by offering an arrival time with a 4 hour window. We have many clients and we can’t always guarantee how long it will take to get from one house to the next. We need to have some flexibility for our cleaners to focus on doing a great job and safely move from home to home. Many things can affect our arrival time such as last minute cancellations, lockouts, or customers adding on service last minute. Providing our office with a key or access to your home is the best way to avoid the frustration of waiting around for the cleaning team to arrive.



Our employees safety is important to us at Remarkable Clean therefore we do not allow them to go above a one-step step-stool (no cleaning anything over 7ft) or lift/move any furniture over 35lbs.


We do not offer bio-hazard/death/toxic cleanup services (we do not clean human/pet waste) nor do we offer just-finished new construction clean up services. Both of these services require specific training and operate under specific regulations. If you are not sure if the service you are looking for falls into the services we provide, give us a call.


We keep all of our client keys locked up in our office under a numbered system. Please drop a key off at our office and pick it up at the same location should you need it returned to you. If you have an alarm system, please call our office prior to your first cleaning to let our office know.



Remarkable Clean accepts the following forms of payment:

Payment is due at the time of service unless a payment schedule is set up directly with our office. All customers are required to leave a credit card number on file prior to your first scheduled clean. If payment is not left behind, your credit card will be charged. There is a $25 service fee applied to all returned cheques.


Cleaning is a very personal service and we understand a certain area of your home may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. If this should occur, please call within 24 hours of your last clean and we’ll return to clean the area of concern for free. Due to the subjective nature of cleaning, we can’t refund the cleaning. Please keep in mind that if you have requested a time limit on your service we can’t guarantee that your whole house will be cleaned. If this is the case, please communicate your top priorities to us and we will work to complete as much as possible within the time allotted by you.


Accidents do happen and that’s why we carry liability insurance. Please report any damage or loss during a clean within 24 hours and we will look into it. Our employees are required to report any damage or breakages to the office the day of the clean.