Vancouver Office Cleaning Services Debunks 4 Green Cleaning Myths

As the world increases its focus on sustainability, the phrase ‘green cleaning’ has become a more popular term. As with anything popular, plenty of myths surround green cleaning that prevent many corporate offices from enjoying its immense benefits. If you’re skeptical about green cleaning, Vancouver cleaning services want to share with you what’s worth believing.


Myth #1: Green Cleaning is costlier than traditional cleaning


True, green cleaning products were quite expensive when they first came out, but as green cleaning technologies and methods improved, this is no longer the case today. Products are more efficient and effective than ever, are readily available, and often times more affordable than traditional cleaning products.


green cleaning myths


Myth#2: Green cleaning is just a fad


Green cleaning is just a marketing ploy. In fact, they are an immense help to the environment. Green cleaning products are designed to have tangible environmental characteristics such as low toxicity, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, biodegradability, reduced packing, and low lifecycle energy use. Benefits like better productivity and fewer illnesses in employees, are particularly enticing to companies and individuals alike.


Myth #3: Not all green cleaning products are safe


The Environmental Protection Agency has an arm that reviews ingredients used in cleaning products. Before a green cleaning product can receive an approval from the DFE the product must be free from toxins and other harmful compounds. Look for the DFE seal, as well as the Green Seal and EcoLogo to ensure the safety of your products.


Myth #4: Green cleaning products are not as effective as traditional cleaning products


Experts agree that green cleaners are just as if not more efficient than traditional cleaning products. Plus, certifying organizations such as those mentioned require green cleaning products to meet certain standards before they are certified. Common ingredients used in these products include citric acid, lactic, acid, and hydrogen peroxide—all of which are considered safe for human use even in large quantities.

Green office cleaning services in Vancouver such as Remarkable Clean want your office to be safe and clean for you, your employees, and your customers alike. They are committed to providing the quality, environmentally friendly clean that is good for your business, as well as the environment.



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