Vancouver Cleaning Services Offer Advice on Keeping Electronics Clean

Living in the digital age means you are always surrounded by electronic gadgetry. Smartphones, tablets, laptops—it seems that everyone is in a constant race to keep up with the media world, whether in the home or office. That said, you must always take proper care of your electronic devices to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Whether you prefer to hire a Vancouver house cleaning service or take on the task yourself, here are handy tips to know to keep your electronics performing their best.

Vancouver Cleaning Services Offer Advice on Keeping Electronics CleanDusting

Dust is basically the nemesis of every electronic device you own. Dust has an uncanny way of getting into a device’s most sensitive connections, and once it accumulates, it can eventually render buttons ineffective, and cause device cooling fans to malfunction. Remember that a non-operational fan can lead to overheating, and this issue can cause massive electronic damage if left unchecked. Everything from mobile phones to HD TVs can suffer from problems caused by dust, so make sure to dust your electronics often.

Screen cleaning

Monitors and screens are magnets for dust and dirt. Different screens will require different cleaning methods, so be sure to check manufacturer recommendations specific to the device. You don’t want to spray your cleaning solution directly onto the screen, because you run the risk of it dripping into your electronics. Instead, spray a small amount onto a cotton ball and use that to wipe the screen clean using a circular motion. Use another cotton ball to dry the screen.


If you accidentally pour something liquid near an electronic device, unplug it immediately. Try to wipe as much of the spill as you can using a clean dry absorbent cloth. Once you’ve wiped the device clean of any moisture, assess the damage. If the spill got into the device, try letting it dry out. If the device doesn’t work after that, take it to an electronics repair professional.

It’s worth mentioning that you need to unplug your devices before you clean them to reduce the risk of electric shock. When hiring professionals for home cleaning services, don’t forget to inform the cleaners of what can and cannot be unplugged during cleaning.

Internal electronic components are best left to electronic specialists to ensure the job is done right. Similarly, Vancouver home cleaning specialists such as Remarkable Clean are your best option for keeping your home’s feature clean and looking good.


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