Office Cleaning Tips: Keeping Your Office Space Free of Common Pests

Everyone loves a clean office. After all, numerous studies have shown that a clean and organized workspace can easily improve employee productivity and efficiency. However, a “clean office” is more than just having the floor free of dust. It also pertains to keeping pests out of the office.

Having common pests like cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes are bad enough at home. Your employees shouldn’t have to deal with them at the office as well. Not only are they nuisance, but these pests can also facilitate the spread of disease. Fortunately, keeping your office pest-free is relatively simple when you hire professional cleaning services in Vancouver like Remarkable Clean.

Of course, there are also several steps you and your employees can take to keep your office free of pests. You can easily achieve this by implementing guidelines that make office cleaning a group effort:

Keeping Your Office Space Free of Common Pests

Limit Food Consumption to the Pantry

One small cookie may not seem like much, but the inevitable crumbs that fall to the floor are definitely more than enough to attract unwanted guests. If you only have cleaning professionals come in once a week during the weekend, you’ll want to at least limit food debris to one place, such as the office pantry, for quick clean-up. Disposal of food waste should also be limited to the pantry’s trash can.

Check Plant Pots

Many employees keep a small potted plant on their work desks and even more offices place a few potted plants in different corners of the office. Although plants can inject some life and colour into an office, the pots the come in can easily retain water and crate a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Similarly, the soil provides ants a convenient place to live indoors.

Clean Out Storage Areas

If your office goes through a lot of printed documents and marketing materials, there’s a good chance that you have a storage room full of cardboard boxes somewhere in your office. Unfortunately, rodents love cardboard since the material is great for building nests and sharpening growing teeth. It’s best to regularly clean out storage areas to check for possible rodent infestations. 

3 Ways To Keep Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Office,