Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Vancouver is the Next Big Thing

Summer is the perfect time to arrange a professional house cleaning, as many homeowners leave on their annual vacation or need to get their second home ready for their summer break. If you are considering having your Vancouver home or business professionally cleaned, it could be worth considering an environmentally responsible cleaning company to get the job done.

The New Normal

Environmentally friendly or green cleaning services are quickly becoming the new normal in the cleaning industry. A recent survey showed that more than 30 per cent of all participant households believed that the eco-friendliness of a cleaning product was an important factor when it came to deciding between different brands. Similarly, 33 per cent of participants affirmed that it was important that cleaning products were free of harsh chemicals.

A Bigger Shift Nationwide

In Canada, this shift towards environmental responsibility in the cleaning industry is part of a wider movement where consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious about their choices and how these affect the environment and their health.

How it Affects Everyone

One of the benefits involved in choosing a company that offers green cleaning services is that you will experience a substantial improvement in your indoor air quality. The use of chemical-free cleaning products can offer relief to asthma sufferers or to those with allergies, since traditional cleaning products often aggravate these common respiratory conditions.

Business owners also have much to gain from shifting to a green cleaning services provider. Many of the harsh chemicals traditionally used in commercial cleaning services can pollute the water supply, and in some cases they also contain volatile organic compounds, known for being the source of health conditions that affect vital organs like the liver, lungs, or kidneys.

Certain cleaning products may also affect your staff’s productivity by causing headaches, dizziness, and similar conditions. And lastly, using an environmentally responsible cleaning services provider can improve your brand’s reputation and make it stand out from the competition.

In view of the benefits involved, why not take an environmentally responsible approach to choosing a provider of cleaning services in Vancouver this summer? By doing so, you will enjoy spotless premises while having the peace of mind of knowing that you are contributing to making this world greener and safer for future generations.

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