Deep House Cleaning Services Made Even More Environmentally Friendly

Whether you’re selling a property or your rental period is over, hiring professionals for deep house cleaning services in Vancouver is a great way to save money. With the Vancouver rental market commanding higher prices than many other areas, you can’t afford to lose your deposit. By taking an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning, you’re doing the local ecosystem a favour, and you’ll benefit from intricate results.

Cleaning Problems That Lead to Deposit Losses

From the skirting boards that attract months’ worth of dust to carpets that have encountered spillages over time, there are plenty of areas where you could lose your rental deposit. Students who occupy a property together are most likely to lose their deposits, primarily due to poor cleaning.

Carpets that are cleaned irregularly, areas of rooms that are difficult to reach and windows are common culprits. Using an environmentally friendly approach, it’s possible to deep clean these areas and reduce the risk of toxic effects to future tenants. For those occupying properties with stone or wooden flooring, steam cleaning eliminates germs through the direct application of heat, which denatures any pathogens present.

The Benefits of Deep Cleans When Selling a Property

When you’re selling a property in Vancouver, showing it in its best light is essential. Using a commercial grade steam cleaner, it’s possible to tackle deep set areas of grime. This is beneficial after standard property occupation, as well as when renovating a home which may not have been occupied for years. If your property has a built in oven, it can go from looking grimy to acting as a key selling point with plenty of sparkle after a thorough house cleaning.

Making Your Home Smell Extra Fresh

From smoking to cooking, plenty of activities can give your furniture an unpleasant smell that builds up over the years. Upholstery cleaning services tackle these smells head on by deep cleaning your furniture and restoring them back to their original freshness. Companies that take an environmentally friendly approach limit the toxins that enter your upholstery, making them extra safe for those with skin and respiratory conditions.

Whether you’re moving home, ferrying in new tenants, or giving your property a new lease of life, deep cleaning can work for you. With the right approach, you can save money in the long term by boosting your property’s value, retaining a deposit, or reducing the need to replace furniture.


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