Cleaning Stainless Steel

Do you have stainless steel appliances that you’d like to see look new again? I’ll let you in on a little secret…oil! Any kind of cooking oil in your house will work and so does baby oil (just try to stay away from brands containing mineral oil).
First clean the surface of the fridge with a soft cloth and water to get any food bits or anything that could scratch your fridge and then use that same soft cloth (microfibre is great) and a few squirts of oil to wipe it clean. Work it in and always wipe in the direction of the grain of your fridge and it will look brand new again. Wipe your fridge or whichever appliance you’re cleaning with the clean side of your cloth to remove any extra oil and to avoid dulling.
The Norwex polishing cloth is a great way to finish it off and make your stainless steel shine bright.Click here to find out more about Norwex and purchase your own cloth.